The Trust X Alliance is a community of technology companies established in 1998 that have come together to create a stronger voice in the industry with leading technology makers.


Over time, this community grew in size and popularity, and members quickly realized that they could better serve their clients by sharing best practices and technological solutions with each other. This community has become one of the most prestigious in the technology industry. Membership is restricted to guests. To join, companies must meet high-level requirements and technological criteria.


Commandare Technologies is a member of the Trust X Alliance among the 350 companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and now in Brazil. And this community continues to expand to new regions of the world.


As a member of the Trust X Alliance, Commandare Technologies ensure that we can assist you through several countries, using trusted partners who have the same ethics as us.


With Commandare Technologies, wherever you are, you will be supported with your IT solutions.