IT Security

When we look at IT security, the most expensive solutions are often not required, and our role is to guide you in your choices, with the primary purpose of protecting you. Unfortunately, many companies invest little in protecting their data. It is often only after an incident involving data loss that they allocate a proper budget to IT security.

IT security is on everyone's lips. The Internet has broken the borders, and has also brought enormous challenges to companies in terms of data security.  This data is now at risk everywhere, whether on your employees’ mobile devices, your customers' computers, or the cloud database of your primary software vendor.

We must also consider the attacks of groups or individuals with bad intentions such as the Cryptolockers, who asks for ransoms to recuperate your data and make your systems operational again.  This can cause you to assume important financial losses and productivity.

All this can be frightening, complex and turn out to be a real headache for a business executive. So how do you make sure you are adequately protected? At Commandare Technologies, we are constantly on the lookout for new approaches and products that offer the best security solutions on the market. A market that is evolving at a very fast pace. We conduct a rigorous technological watch on security and we are qualified to recommend the best solutions to you.

At Commandare Technologies, it is our responsibility to inform you and to advise you in the field of IT Security.