What is cloud computing? Is it safe? Where does my data reside? We constantly hear those questions.

Cloud computing is a third-party environment that allows you to reduce costs and better manage risk while providing you with better business agility. However, cloud computing is not necessarily the best solution for everyone. Depending on the context in which you operate, it is important to evaluate the most appropriate options for you.

Cloud computing is safe when it is implemented and operated by competent and trusted partners. Therefore, it is important to be well-advised.

Your data is hosted at your cloud solution partner and replicated to multiple sites for protection and availability. Several trusted providers, such as Microsoft, now have cloud computing infrastructure in Canada and can guarantee that your data will remain in the country.

Commandare Technologies is there to guide you to take advantage of this interesting technological model. Whether it's a private, hybrid or public cloud environment, we know how to recommend the right solution for your business.